Kao Soi

Kao Soi is kind of Thai version of Laksa free task manager. The different between Thai & Malaysian or Indonesian Laksa is that Thai people serve it w Lots of Fresh Herbs, Chilli Oil & a Hint of Lime.

It is traditional dish of Northern Thailand. We sourced the Curry Paste from Fresh Market in Chiang Mai, Thailand. It is the best one that available there. You can trust Pla on this because she is very Fussy when it’s
We want to be a bit Creative At Middle Fish. So, our Kao Soi is served w three kinds noodle, Crispy, Egg & Rice Noodle & A Half Boiled Egg.
It is absolutely our passion to provide best Thai Food Experience in Melbourne. So every time Pla travels to Thailand, she always hunting for authentic ingredients to make sure that we can offer something as close as the one that available at Thai Restaurant in Thailand.

We believe our food is INCREDIBLE & we want to encourage you to try different Thai Dishes. If in case you don’t like it, we will HAPPILY replace the meal for YOU.

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